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Expertise Matrix is a skill matrix generating solution for managing company, department or team skill sets. It helps you with onboarding, monitoring the progress of individuals, defining targets, and identifying gaps in your skill base, so that employees are happier and your systems and services run at peak efficiency.

How do you keep up with your team's skills?

Track critical skills

Improve teamwork skills, identify the essential skills needed to run your services, track key skill holders, and dynamically build skill matrices so you can quickly and easily compare skill levels across your whole team.

Never again struggle to find team members with a required skill proficiency as maintaining skill information and searching it is made easy.

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Track critical skills
Set Targets, Define Goals

Help your team to develop

Set targets, define learning goals

Create achievable learning targets for people in skills they would like to learn or need to develop. Plan for the future to identify and close skill gaps and remove single point vulnerabilities, or quickly identify failovers when needed and build fault tolerance from the team level up and improve your overall system reliability.

Plan your onboarding process with new recruits, getting them up to speed with the required skills faster and more efficiently, and start their professional development immediately.

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What do you do when a skill is under-represented?

Perform competency gap analysis

Identify skills gaps (skills which lack a sufficient quantity of people of a high enough competency level) to help you identify at-risk systems or processes so that you can work towards improving resilience and plan for unexpected problems.

Search for people with competency in any of a list of skills, or for people with all of the selected skills. Get the exact results that you require.

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Idenfity Knowledge Gaps
Build Super-Teams

Need a team with specific skills represented?

Build Super-Teams

Specify a list of required skills and let Expertise Matrix build you the perfect team to match those skills for you. Plan for one off events or save the team for long-term projects or future reference.

Expertise Matrix is not just another skills tracker, its also designed as a fluid and easy-to-use team manager for all your day-to-day project needs.

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Ready to start managing skills?

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How to start managing skills today...

1. Create your account

Subscribe by clicking here:

2. Define your skills

Add and customise each skill one-by-one, or copy and paste a lot of skills in one go.

3. Invite users or manage them manually

Add one or more users (up to your subscription limit) and either invite them to login and enter their own skill proficiencies, or manage their profiles for them.

4. Start tracking people's progression

Create targets on each skill, view a history of their progression, monitor training and qualifications, all from within a single website.

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