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How Can a Skill Matrix Help with Onboarding?

Onboarding New Staff Members
Onboarding New Staff Members

Skill matrices aren't just useful for the personal development of your existing employees, they can also be incredibly useful when planning the responsibilities of new posts and the training of new employees (onboarding).

When you have a united skill matrix for all of your employees, or a digital solution such as Expertise Matrix, you can quickly and easily identify skill gaps and single-points-of-failure. Armed with this information, you will be able to more easily define the requirements you need when preparing a new post.

Similarly, effective use of a skill matrix allows you to easily highlight "core" skills, those skills that all team members will require to be effective employees. This may be something simple such as the requirement for all employees to have a Manual Handling certificate before they are allowed to work with heavy equipment. Identifying these skills early will make onboarding as simple as setting basic targets using pre-defined timescales for new employees.