About Expertise MatrixUsing a Skill Matrix for Personal Development?

An Individual's Progression in Fire Safety Training
An Individual's Progression in Fire Safety Training

In a study on workplace stress, almost half of the workers surveyed said that investing more in professional development is one of the highest-impact strategies to fight stress that their company can do ( Overcoming Workplace Stress Study - Udemy 2017).

Identifying Training Needs

Whether you're onboarding a new staff member, or carrying out a Personal Development Review on an existing employee, it is important to prioritise the training needs of the individual and of your business. These will typically fit one or more of three categories:

  • Business Needs

    These are the skills your business needs in order to operate at peak efficiency. In particular, the identification of skill gaps and single-points-of-failure can be used to pinpoint where backfill in knowledge and ability is required.

  • Individual Needs

    The skills that an individual requires so that they can contribute as an effective employee. These may be skills the person already has, but needs to improve their proficiency in, or skills that they need to pick up such as those relating to a new service or piece of technology that you've brought in.

  • Personal Development

    Comprises the skills that will help this individual along their chosen career path. This can be setting out targets for achieving their next level of responsibility, or skills unrelated to their current role if they are looking to move to a different career path.

How a Skill Matrix Can Help

Building a skill matrix with your employees will help with this process because the information you need (existing proficiency levels) is already there, which greatly cuts down on the amount of work you have to do before you even start. Taking this existing information, you can quickly and easily identify both the Business and Individual needs, and proceed to laying out the proficiency needs of the individual.

A digital solution like Expertise Matrix further helps in this process because it is able to track skill progression over a longer period of time, and allows you to define targets for each skill as required.