Your Member's Dashboard

The Member's Dashboard
The Member's Dashboard

After logging in you will be presented with your dashboard. When you first subscribe and before you start entering data, this will look very empty, but after a little bit of using Expertise Matrix, you'll quickly see it filling out with useful data points.

Average skill proficiency changes by day

This chart will show you the average daily increases in skill proficiency so that you can track which days are particularly productive.

Top / Bottom Skill Averages

These six charts show the top 3 and the bottom 3 performing skills, those skills with the highest or lowest average skill proficiencies.

My Skill Development

Shows your individual average skill proficiency progression over the last 30 days.

My Top Skills

Shows you the top skills that you are most proficient in.

Days until next target

This will show you how long you have until your next target is due to be reached and what that target entails.

Target Statistics

Displays a chart showing how many of your targets are pending completion, have been completed on time, and how many (if any) overran their due date.