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Viewing Your Skill Proficiency Progression
Viewing Your Skill Proficiency Progression

A Visual Record of your Progression

Use the My Progression screen to see a visual representation of your skill progression over time.

Each data point is shown on the graph and the collapsible list of "Skill historical information" below it. For each entry you are shown:

  • The date and time of the change
  • Any notes and qualifications associated with the change
  • The skill proficiency level at that time (along with the change in value where appropriate)
  • Up to 5 future targets for that skill and the dates that the target is expected to be reached
  • An icon to identify the record type: Historical Record, or Target

Viewing a Historical Record

Viewing a Skill History Record
Viewing a Skill History Record

Clicking a historical record in the list will allow you to view the full details for that record. You may also delete the record from here.

Viewing a Target Record

Viewing a Target
Viewing a Target

Clicking a target will display its full information and allow you to edit the target.

Adding a new Historical Record

If you forgot to add a record at some point in the past an want to amend that, you can do so by clicking the Add Historical Record button.