Skills ManagementAdding Skills

Creating a New Skill
Creating a New Skill

To create a new skill, click the Add a Skill button on the Skill List's menu bar.

Skill Values

Skill name

Give the skill a unique name.


Specify a category for each skill so that they can ordered more easily. You can add a new category here or select an existing one from the drop down.

Short Code

In order to make it easier to display a lot of skills at the same time (in a Skill Matrix), all skills are given "short codes". These can either be a icon selected from a list, or a custom 3-letter code.


Select the "Icon" tab and browse for a suitable image which could represent the skill. You can start typing in the "Search" box to find icons by name.

Setting a Custom Character Shortcode
Setting a Custom Character Shortcode

Alternatively, select the "Custom" tab to give the skill a custom 3-letter code. For example, for an "Interviewer" skill, you might choose the code "INT".

Adding Multiple Skills

If you want to bulk add a lot of skills in one go, click the Add Multiple button and proceed to Adding Multiple Skills.