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Adding an Active Person to Expertise Matrix
Adding an Active Person to Expertise Matrix

To add a person to your company, creating their user account, click the Add a Person button from the People page.

The Add Person Window

Permission Group

Before adding each user, select the permission group that you want them to belong to. This will define the permissions they have when logged into Expertise Matrix. This setting applies to each user added to this dialog individually, and not to the whole group.

If you don't have permission to change a user's Permission Group, this will not be shown and instead the user(s) will be granted the lowest possible permission level.

Take care when selecting this value as assigning a user to the wrong group could allow them permission to view sensitive or personal data, or to modify your Expertise Matrix subscription.

Email Address

Every active user account in Expertise Matrix needs to have a unique email address to identify them when they login.

Enter and email address and press enter or click the Add button to temporarily add them to the "New User List". Once you're happy with the list of users, click Save New Users to save them and process their invites.

A list of users ready to be invited
A List of Users Ready to be Invited

Speeding up the Process

If you want to speed up the process of adding users, you can copy a list of email addresses (one per line from, for example, a text file) and paste them into the "Email Address" box. Up to 250 users can be added at a time like this, but we recommend splitting it into smaller batches.

Invitation Process

Once an Active User is added, Expertise Matrix will send them an email inviting them to login and setup a password on their account. If they are already a user on Expertise Matrix (under a different account, but using the same email address) then they will be automatically added.

To reduce the load on our servers, invitation emails are sent out in batches. Because of this there may be a small delay between being added and them receiving their invite.