People ManagementEditing a Person

Edit a Person's Account
Edit a Person's Account

The Edit Person Window

To edit a user's account information, click the Edit button () on the View Person window, accessible from the People List.

General Details

The fields presented and available to change are:

  1. First (or Given) Name
  2. Middle Name or Initial
  3. Last Name
  4. Permission Group
  5. Job Title
  6. Team
  7. Address
  8. Telephone number
Edit a Person's Skill Proficiencies
Edit a Person's Skill Proficiencies

Skill Proficiencies

Selecting the Skill Proficiencies tab will show you a short list of the person's skills and proficiencies. The skill proficiency can be modified here, and skills can be added and removed. Note, however, that this may not represent the full list of that person's skills. To view more, click the "Close and view skills in full screen" link.