People ManagementViewing Saved Teams

Viewing a list of Saved Teams
Viewing a list of Saved Teams

When created, teams are added to your Saved Teams list which can be accessed from the main menu.

Edit Team

Clicking the title of a team (with the icon) allows you to edit the team.

Editing a Saved Team
Editing a Saved Team

View Team

Clicking the member count value of a team (with the icon) will show you further information about this team's membership.

Viewing a Saved Team's Details
Viewing a Saved Team's Details

Team Leader

A star next to a user indicates that they are the current leader of this team. This is entirely optional and has no functional impact on the Team, but can be used to identify a point of contact within the team if needed.

If a member isn't the leader, they will instead have an empty star button which can be clicked to make that person the leader. Only one leader may exist for any single team.

Generate a Skill Matrix

Build and view a Skill Matrix of the members of this team and all of their skills.

View Skill Targets

Generates a list of all the skill learning or development targets for all members of the selected team.

Join Team

Clicking this button will allow you to select an existing team to add yourself as a member of.

Delete Team

Removes the selected teams from your company (note: this does not remove the accounts of its members).