Expertise Matrix Company Settings
Expertise Matrix Company Settings

Through the Administration interface you can view and change:


Each user can have multiple Expertise Matrix Accounts, each of which can have their own subscription. The purpose of this is to allow for companies who may want a specific subscription for each department or team to simplify and prevent overlap, but who may also want some people to belong to or manage multiple accounts.


From this section you can manage your Expertise Matrix Subscription, or start a subscription if you are currently on a trial or have an inactive account.


General Settings

Allows you to set a few Settings for automated processes and defaults for your users.

Skill Levels

Specify the range of Skill Levels allowed for skill proficiencies, and add labels for particular proficiency levels.

Permission Groups

Add or modify the Permission Groups that users can be assigned to, and what permissions those roles have on Expertise Matrix.

Event Log

View the Event Log to show a list of changes and events that have occurred recently.


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