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Expertise Matrix Account List
Expertise Matrix Account List

Each user can have multiple Expertise Matrix Accounts, each of which can have their own subscription. The purpose of this is to allow for companies who may want a specific subscription for each department or team to simplify and prevent overlap, but who may also want some people to belong to or manage multiple accounts.

A single account represents a collection of people, skills, targets and all of the other Expertise Matrix functionality. Of these, only people can belong to multiple accounts. Skills and other elements cannot exist in more than one account.


Accounts can be named so that they are more easily identified when you have more than one. To rename an account, click the Rename button.


This indicates the current status of each account. The possible values are:

  • Active

    The account has an active subscription and all features are fully enabled.

  • In Trial

    The account is still in its trial period. All features are fully enabled, but once the trial ends it will become "Inactive" unless a subscription is added.

  • Inactive

    The account doesn't have an active subscription or trial period. All features are disabled except for those required to manage your user account and to create a new subscription if needed.

Creating a New Account

Creating a New Account
Creating a New Account

Any user can create a new account by clicking the New Account button. Doing so will create a new empty account and add you as an Administrator, however the account will be marked as "Inactive" until a subscription is added.


Use the action buttons shown next to each account to perform various functions on that account:


Selects this account as the current "active" account.


If you have more than one account, you can select which one will load by default when you login to Expertise Matrix each time by clicking this button.


As mentioned above, this allows you to give the account a more meaningful name.


If you want to remove an account, click the Delete button. If the account has an active subscription it must be cancelled before you can delete the account. Deleting an account will remove all associated skills, proficiency data, targets and other data. This action is unreversable.