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Permission Group Settings
Permission Group Settings

Role-Based Permissions

Expertise Matrix uses a role-based permissions system so that you can control which users can view or edit information. After creating a person's account, they will be assigned to the role with the lowest available permissions by default, but you can change their role by editing the account object.

Adding a New Role

To add a new role, click the button next to the Role Selection dropdown and give the new role a unique name.

Editing a Role

To edit a role's name or permissions, select it from the Role Selection dropdown and proceed to select the permissions that this role should have. Note that the default "Administrator" role cannot be modified or removed.

Remove a Role

To remove a role, select it from the Role Selection dropdown, then click the button.

Administrator Group

Expertise Matrix has an special in-built Administrators group which has full permissions over your account. When the Account is first created (either manually, by creating a new subscription, or by starting a new trial), the person who created it is automatically added to the Administrator group.

In addition to the full range of normal permissions, Administrators are the only ones who have permission to:

The Administrator group is a protected group and cannot be modified or renamed.

It is the responsibility of the each Administrator to make sure that only those people who are fully trusted with your Expertise Matrix account and subscription should be added to this group.

Occassionally, and only with reasonable cause, members of Int64 Software Ltd staff may add themselves to your account's Administrator group in order to assist with Support requests or to resolve issues. This does not affect your total user count, and these users are automatically removed again.

Permissions List

The permissions list is too long to list in full here, however the list is broken down by category and each individual permission contains a description of what it does. It is critically important that you understand the effect of a permission before you enable it, as mistakes could make personal information available to members of that role, or allow damaging changes to be made to your account. Int64 Software Ltd cannot be held accountable for the results of mistakes that are made when configuring user roles - if you are in any doubt then please Contact Us.