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A Portion of a Skill Matrix
A Portion of a Skill Matrix

What is a Skill Proficiency Matrix

A Skill Matrix is a simple table view with people along one axis and skills along the other. For each cell of the table, the person's proficiency with each skill is shown with a numerical value from a given range.

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Creating a Skill Matrix

Creating a Skill Matrix in Expertise Matrix is very easy, and you have a choice of ways to do it:

  1. After performing a Skill Search using "Find Skilled People", select resulting people and click the View Skills Matrix menu button.
  2. From the "Saved Teams" page, use a team's menu to Generate a Skill Matrix of its members.
  3. From your company's People list, select one or more people and click View Skills Matrix.

Reading the Skill Matrix

Skill Matrices have become an important management tool because of the way they easily present a lot of information. Here we have our people listed down the left of the table, and our categorised skills along the top. Each corresponding cell of the table will either be blank, indicating the person has no experience in this skill, or have a number which represents their proficiency level for that skill (where higher numbers represent a higher proficiency).


Due to the freedom to create relatively large titles for each skill, a subsequently how big the Skill Matrix table would become, we make use of "shortcodes" to represent each one on the Skill Matrix. These are chosen when a skill is added, and can either be a 3 character code, or one of a large selection of icons which best represent the skill.

Hovering your mouse over a skill will reveal the actual name of the skill, and when Exporting to CSV, the full title of the skill is exported instead of the shortcode.

Skill Matrix Menu

The Skill Matrix Menu
The Skill Matrix Menu

From a skill matrix's menu you can:

Add to Team

After selecting one or more people from the Skill Matrix, you can click this button to either add them to an existing team, or create a new team for them. This provides an alternative way of identifying people with particular skills to the Find Skilled People search, and allows you to quickly save them for future reference.

Save as CSV

Clicking this button will prompt you to download the skill matrix as a Comma-Separated Values text file which can be easily imported into a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Display Settings

The Skill Matrix Display Settings Window
The Skill Matrix Display Settings Window

Clicking the Display Settings button will display the Display Settings window. You can use this to toggle whether the full skill titles should be shown, or if only their shortcodes should, as well as for defining the range of a colour gradient which can be used to provide a visual guide to the skill matrix values.

Adding Colour to a Skill Matrix
Adding Colour to a Skill Matrix

The Colour Range consists of four colour values: Low and High values for the skill matrix cell background, and Low and High values for its foreground. Expertise Matrix will then interpolate a range of values in this range.